Growing Hemp: Hemp Seeds / Starter Plants

Hemp Seeds

Hemp Seeds and Starter Plants

If you’re wanting to grow hemp, seeds are going to be the first step. Since hemp is an emerging market, hemp seeds aren’t as easy to acquire as seeds for other crops. Because of the lack of demand, seeds are also expensive as well. When getting started, growers have to choose whether to go from seed, or go from starter plants. There are advantages of going either way, explained below.


Buying Hemp Seeds

Buying hemp seeds are less expensive than buying starter plants. They can also be sown, which starters cannot. The disadvantage is that not all the seeds are guaranteed to sprout. Because hemp seeds are expensive and the earning potential per plant is significant, growers will want to have the greatest success rate possible.


Buying Starter Plants

It’s also possible to buy starter plants. Buying starters is going to be more expensive than buying seeds. The advantage is that the seeds are already sprouted, meaning that none of them are going to be lost through the germination process. The starters have also been growing for a week or two, so you’re ahead of the game.


Hemp Seed / Plants THC Requirements

The THC content of the hemp plants is very important. Hemp plants can’t have a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration of more than three-tenths of one percent (0.3%) on a dry weight basis. The amount of THC a plant can potentially have is very much based on genetics. Therefore, you’re going to have to find a source of compliant hemp seeds (or starter plants) for your hemp operation.


CBD Content of Seeds / Plants

If you’re growing for CBD, the genetics of the hemp plants / seeds is also very important. There’s strains out there that produce a plant with higher CBD content than others. If you’re simply growing for biomass, the CBD content is a non-issue.


Hemp Seeds In Durango / Southwest Colorado

If you’re looking for seeds in the Four Corners Area, shoot us an email and we’ll see what we can do. Seeds and starters are a hot commodity right now, so what’s available is highly contingent upon the supply and demand. It’s best to get your seed or plant orders in as quickly as possible, to ensure that you’ll get the seeds or plants promptly.