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Welcome to Durango Hemp! This site is dedicated to all things hemp and CBD in the Durango Area and Southwest Colorado! Since the passing of the Farm Bill, the legalization of hemp has created great opportunity in the Four Corners Area. This site is geared towards educating the area about all things hemp can do, including the opportunities available.


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One goal of this site is to highlight and showcase all the companies offering hemp and CBD products. Especially the products that are produced luckily. Bonus points if the hemp was also grown locally. These include CBD products and other hemp-based products, ranging from clothing to concrete. Our directory is still very much in development, so be patient! If you know of any brands or companies that should be added, please contact us!

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Resources On Growing Hemp Plants

Interested in becoming a hemp farmer? There’s great opportunity in growing hemp, especially since legalization just occurred nationally. There’s also lots of challenges to growing hemp. For starters, it’s regulated much more than a lot of other crops. Seeds also aren’t as available as they are for other crops as well. We’ve got resources and guides for anyone looking to get started growing, plus we’ve got connections in the local Four Corners Area, so feel free to reach out to us about that!

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